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Daniel Boreham Memorial Game - Sixth Form vs Teachers Match Report

Every year the sixth form students take on the staff in a football match in memory of Daniel Boreham, a former student at CVHS.  The match took place on Friday 21st April.  During the game some of the sixth form supporters collected donations for the charity CRY. Thank you to all who supported and donated to this worthy cause. 

Match Report From the Sixth Form Boys:

Friday 21st of April saw the Year 13 sixth form students face their teachers in a football game in memory of Daniel Boreham. This is something that both the sixth formers and teachers always look forward to playing. With the sixth form currently holding the title, it was down to the teachers to try to regain the title. 

The game started off very edgy, with both teams not wanting to make any mistakes. The sixth form were playing in front of what could possibly be the biggest crowd to date which made it difficult for them to find their rhythm. The sixth form found it difficult to break down the teacher’s defence which was well run by both Mr McCarthy and Mr O’Hara, much to our surprise. 

No real football took place from either team in the first half and there was no action in the middle of the park as both teams took the long ball option as the game became more about pride than football.   

The biggest cheer of the afternoon saw Mr Mitchell putting in what only could be described as an “incredible” challenge on a fragile Charlie Gooch. 

Half time came with oranges from the Sixth Form Football Team’s no.1 fan Mrs Willcox, who came and supported the boys in their Mid-Essex semi-final victory against Shenfield.

The second half kicked off with the sixth form boys managing to break down the defence, with some scrappy play from a free kick from Charlie Gooch. A goal-ward header by Nyakeh Duwai was bundled over the line by Cameron Eade, which saw the sixth form take the lead. The game that saw both teams battling throughout went right to the last minute. 

With just a few minutes left to go, play lead to a free kick from the Teachers, a cross by Mr Regan found his footballing idol Mr Wareham who controversially glanced in a header after a hard fought battle with skipper Frank Ladlow. 

The final whistle blew with the score 1-1 and referee Mr Mulholland instructed the players that there would be a sudden death penalty shootout, which favoured the sixth form boys after defeating Great Baddow in a penalty shootout in their cup campaign, in order to determine who would take the title. 

The teachers were first to step up to the mark with Josh Breeze between the sticks. The atmosphere was building up as the students began to crowd around the goal in an attempt to put the players off. This must have worked as we saw the first penalty from Mr Regan skied over the crossbar. This set the trend as sixth form captain Frank Ladlow stepped up to follow Mr Regan in blasting his penalty over the bar in utter disappointment. 

This put the scores back to level with Mr Wareham and Nyakeh Duwai both converting their penalties. The next penalty came from a smug looking Mr Beadle (Head of Sixth Form) who was denied by a fantastic reflex save from Josh Breeze. 

The game was now in the sixth form boy’s hands as they had the opportunity to seal the win. A penalty from a confident Luke Edmonds who is usually the year 13’s goalkeeper saw the boys lift the title as he slotted one into the bottom left beating an experienced Mr Hannan.

Sixth Form Line Up

1. Josh Breeze, 2. Ben Fisher, 3. Frank Ladlow, 4. Cameron Eade, 5. Conor Boughen, 6. George Watkins, 7. Charlie Gooch, 8. Ben Parkhurst, 9. Sam Du Berry, 10. George Paola, 11. Nyakeh Duwai. SUBS, Rhys Williams, Luke Edmonds, Teddy Pearson

Teachers Line Up

1. Mr Hannan, 2. Mr Smith, 3. Mr Gold, 4. Mr O’Hara, 5. Mr McCarthy, 6. Mr Rolfe, 7. Mr Mitchell, 8. Mr Beadle, 9. Mr Gordon, 10. Mr Regan, 11. Mr Wareham 

SUB, Mr Johnson.


Written by, The Sixth Form Boys.

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