Business Studies

The Business Studies Team:

Head of Business Studies: Miss S Roper

Business Studies Teacher and Head of 6th Form: Mr J Beadle

Business Studies Teacher: Mrs L Cornish

Why study Business options?

In a rapidly-changing and volatile world economy – skills specific for the workplace are incredibly important. Business Studies at Chelmer Valley is focused on increasing understanding of the world of work and are vital to accompany other traditional courses and options that are available.  These career and work-related full GCSE and BTEC subjects have a blend of coursework and examinations and are based around real-life companies and skills required in industry and the workplace.

In the Business department we feel that learning and studying brand new subjects, based around “the real world” is an excellent opportunity that would really benefit students in terms of helping them to develop a more, well rounded overall education.

In making these courses more exciting, interesting and vibrant – a variety of fieldtrips, visits and excursions (see link – Business visits and activities) are organised annually, alongside visiting speakers, competitions and events. Taking learning “out of the classroom” and giving chances for students to experience business and enterprise is considered crucial within the area and a vital element of our learning approach.

Mission statement of the Business Studies department

To give our students a head-start in the workplace and enable them to succeed in employment”


“Its good kind of knowledge for when you leave school and start working – I liked finding out about the minimum wage and how much I should be paid legally!”

“Business is great - I’m thinking of becoming an accountant after doing Business finance!”

The courses on offer within this area include GCSE and BTEC Business Studies and are available to choose once a student enters Year 9, approaching the end of KS3.  There are no specific entry requirements for any of the Vocational subject, however, a basic level of literacy and numeracy is required.

A Business GCSE is a nationally recognised work-related qualification designed to provide you with a choice of routes into further education or employment. It is made up of two/three vocational units in a particular subject.

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