Literacy at CVHS

Literacy Coordinator: Miss Ritchie

Literacy across the Curriculum

Literacy is essential to all learning throughout the school, in all years and across all subject areas. At Chelmer Valley, we know that good literacy skills help students to communicate effectively, and that being confident in their literacy skills allows students to achieve their potential across the curriculum.  Because literacy is integral to our students’ success, we aim to ensure all learners at our school emerge as confident and articulate communicators.

Reading for pleasure

A significant amount of research from around the world suggests that reading for pleasure can raise literacy standards and help support student progress. As a school, we take every opportunity to promote reading for pleasure, this includes reading during tutor time, library lessons and Drop Everything and Read. We ask that students carry a reading book with them at all times.

For more information on how to support your child’s reading at home, please download the document below. We have also provided a list of exciting books that can be used to engage reluctant readers.

Book Name


Series – Y/N

The Recruit

Robert Muchamore

Y – The Cherub Series

Gold of the Gods

Bear Grylls

Y – Mission Survive

The Maze Runner

James Dashner

Y – The Maze Runner Series

The Hunger Games

Suzanne Collins

Y – The Hunger Games Trilogy

The Enemy

Charlie Higson

Y – The Enemy Series

Paper Towns

John Green

N – Lots of others by this author also available

Girl Online

Zoe Suggs

Y – The Girl Online Series

The Raven Boys

Maggie Stiefvater

Y – The Raven Cycle

Geek Girl

Holly Smale

Y – The Geek Girl Series

Alex Rider: Stormbreaker

Anthony Horowitz

Y – The Stormbreaker Series

If I Stay

Gayle Forman

Y – sequel: Where She Went

Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone

J.K Rowling

Y – The Harry Potter Series


Michael Grant

Y – The BZRK Series

13 Minutes

Sarah Pinborough

N – Lots of others by this author also available

Moth Girls

Anne Cassidy

N – Lots of others by this author also available

The Northern Lights

Phillip Pullman

Y – His Dark Materials Trilogy


Michael Morporgo

N – Lots of others by this author also available


Charlie Higson

Y – The Young Bond Series

The Everest Files

Matt Dickinson

Y – The Everest Files Series

Accelerated Reader

All students in Year 7 participate in Accelerated Reader and have a dedicated ‘AR’ lesson once a fortnight. There are also approximately 120 students across Year 8 and Year 9 who take part in the scheme.

Accelerated Reader helps students to become more able readers by encouraging reading for pleasure and ensuring that all students are reading texts that are of an appropriate level for their age and skill set. Students are encouraged to choose and read books within their reading level before taking an online quiz to determine how much they understood and can remember. Students win points for completing their chosen books and passing their quizzes, which add together towards their target points total each term. After the introduction of Accelerated Reader in 2015, we saw a dramatic rise in the number of students reading for pleasure, and significant improvements in reading proficiency.

The Accelerated Reader scheme states that for the best results, students should be reading for 25 – 30 minutes every day. To help you find books at the right reading level for your child, click on the link below.

Weekly Literacy Focus

To ensure all our students have the skills they need to be effective communicators, we have a whole school literacy focus that changes each week. These foci cover a range of grammar topics and are used to help develop our students’ ability to write clearly and cohesively.

For more information about what the Weekly Literacy Focus will be throughout this half term, please download the PDF below.

For additional resources to support your child with literacy at home, either download the documents below.

The Word of the Week

Our ‘Word of the Week’ helps students to develop their vocabulary and develop a love for language by exposing them to all sorts of weird and wonderful words. The ‘Word of the Week’ is used during tutor time and in lessons by teachers, and students are encouraged to use it too!

To see what words we’ll be looking at this half term so you can join in at home, download the PDF below.

 Improving Literacy through Feedback

Years of educational research suggests that one of the best ways to improve students’ skills is through effective feedback. At Chelmer Valley, all subjects offer students feedback on their literacy, as well as suggestions on how to improve their spelling, grammar, punctuation and essay writing skills. Activities during lesson time regularly offer students opportunities to become better communicators.

If you have any further questions or would like any advice on supporting your child with literacy at home, please contact Miss Ritchie by email:


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  5. Weekly Literacy Focus

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