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In Chelmer Valley Sixth Form all students are expected to attend morning registration at 8.35am each day. It is important that their tutors have the opportunity to pass on important messages and information throughout the year. Tutor time is also used to encourage students to become involved in the general life of the school and allows tutors to check on progress or any concerns / worries the students may have. Year 13 students earn the right to sign out once all their lessons are completed each day allowing students to take responsibility for their own independent learning. Year 12 students have supervised private study during period 1 and period 5. Any student who does not have a timetabled lesson during either of these lessons must attend. The sessions are held in the Library during period 1 and in the Sixth Form Study Room during period 5.


If a student is absent, parents need to call in and report the absence on the school absence line. Good attendance is vital in ensuring Sixth Form success.

Dress Code

Students are allowed to express their individuality with their dress. However, students should be aware that as Senior Students, they are setting an example to the rest of the school and a smart, casual approach to dress is required. Girls t-shirts should not be of the shoe string strap variety or cold shoulder variety.  Tops should not be cut too low or too short so that the midriff is showing (for both boys and girls). Skirts / dresses should be of an appropriate length for a school environment. Beachwear is not allowed, this includes; shorts (including with tights), flip flops and open backed shoes or sandals. It is not acceptable to wear football shirts and jogging bottoms. Hats are only to be worn outside, you will be asked to remove it if worn inside.  Extreme hair styles and colours are unacceptable.  For health and safety reasons, piercings should be no more than one stud per ear. T-shirts with offensive logos are unsuitable. Tattoos must never be visible.

If we feel a student's clothing is in breach of our expectations, they will be spoken to. If students continue to wear unsuitable clothing, they may be asked to go home and change.

New Dress Code commencing September 2016

In line with changes that are occurring in lower school, we have decided to take a more uniform approach to the way our students in the Sixth Form dress.

As from September 2016, all students will be required to be attired in smart dress i.e. clothing suitable for the work place, some examples of which can be found in the document at the end of the page.

The rationale for this change is to embed a sense of pride in their presentation and general work ethic. It will help them prepare for the world of work and set a good example for lower school students.

Part Time Work

It is understood that students will apply for part time work and it is a good experience for them. Studying for A-levels, however, is a full time commitment and students need to have a good work / life balance with time to relax as well as study. We would recommend therefore that students do not take on more than 8 hours per week.


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