Year 8 Isolation Work


To support your child's learning we will be using a blended approach between the National Oak Academy, alongside our own internally built resources. The National Oak Academy classroom has been created by teachers specifically to support pupils’ learning at home. Oak is a free website available at and it is backed by the Department for Education.

You can access Oak’s online classroom on any device, you don’t need to log in or remember a password. Your child can access lessons across a range of subjects, which provide four to five hours of learning every day.

Each lesson is delivered by a trained teacher, over a pre-recorded video, and it’s very clear at the start of each session anything you might need (such as pens, paper etc). The lessons are designed to need minimal supervision.

Depending on the date that your child's isolation begins depends on the work that they need to complete - please see below.

If your child is isolating while awaiting a test result then they will catch up in the usual manner when they are back at school, however, they are welcome to use the resources below to support their learning.

During their isolation, students should contact their teachers with any questions they might have, this can be done through RMUnify and their school email account. If they type in the surname of their teacher the system will find the correct email address.

Students should also regularly check SMHW, and complete any work set as it will complement the work the students are doing at home. Any submission should be done virtually either through SMHW (if enabled) or via email.



Go to and log in using the school username: chelmer and school password: pentagon. You will be required to find a lesson as using the paths in each week. Complete the lesson(s) as instructed.

Record any notes or working in your books.

Complete the homework task in each topic if you have time.

w/c 03/01/2022 - MyMaths, Algebra, Equations - linear, Complete Equations 1 - one-step and Equations 2 - multistep

w/c 10/01/2022 - MyMaths, Algebra, Equations - linear, Complete Equations 3 - both sides and Equations 4 - brackets

w/c 17/01/2022 - MyMaths, Number, Ratio and proportion, Complete Ratio introduction, Ratio dividing 1 and Ratio dividing 2

w/c 24/01/2022 - MyMaths, Number, Ratio and proportion, Complete Scaling and rate problems and proportion introduction

w/c 31/01/2022 - MyMaths, Algebra, Graphs, Complete Real life graphs

w/c 07/02/2022 - MyMaths, Algebra, Graphs, Complete Distance time graphs THEN MyMaths, Data, Presenting data, Complete Line graphs and two way tables

w/c 21/02/2022 - MyMaths, Number, Percentages, Complete Modelling percentage increase and decrease and Comparing quantities

w/c 28/02/2022 - MyMaths, Number, Percentages, Complete Percentage change 1 and Percentage change 2

w/c 07/03/2022 - MyMaths, Shape, 2D and 3D shapes, Complete Describing shapes, 2D and 3D shapes and 3D shapes

w/c 14/03/2022 - MyMaths, Shape, Angles, Complete Position and turning, Angles 2 and Angles 3

w/c 21/03/2022 - MyMaths, Algebra, Algebraic Manipulation, Complete Simplifying 1 and Simplifying 2

w/c 28/03/2022 - MyMaths, Algebra, Algebraic Manipulation, Complete Single brackets and Brackets




Students will need to complete the assigned lessons from The National Oak Academy that is in line with their current topics of study. Students will be covering two topics this half term "Biological systems and Respiration" and "Combustion".

Follow the lessons which match with your class code.

The following half term students will be covering two more topics "Light" and "Metals and their uses".

w/c 03/01/2022 - X Band - Lessons 1 and 2

w/c 03/01/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 1 and 2

w/c 10/01/2022 - X Band - Lessons 8, 9 and 10

w/c 10/01/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 3, 4, 5 and 6

w/c 17/01/2022 - X Band - Lessons 6, 8, 10 and 11

w/c 17/01/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 7, 8, 10 and 11

w/c 24/01/2022 - X Band - Lessons 1 and 2

w/c 24/01/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 1 and 2

w/c 31/01/2022 - X Band - Lessons 3, 4, 5 and 6

w/c 31/01/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 8, 9 and 10

w/c 07/02/2022 - X Band - Lessons 7, 8, 10 and 11

w/c 07/02/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 6, 8, 10 and 11

w/c 21/02/2022 - X Band - Lessons 1, 3 and 4

w/c 21/02/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 1, 4 and 5

w/c 28/02/2022 - X Band - Lessons 5, 6 and 7

w/c 28/02/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 6, 7 and 8

w/c 07/03/2022 - X Band - Lessons 8, 9 and 10

w/c 07/03/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 13, 14 and 15

w/c 14/03/2022 - X Band - Lessons 1, 4 and 5

w/c 14/03/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 1, 3 and 4

w/c 21/03/2022 - X Band - Lessons 6, 7 and 8

w/c 21/03/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 5, 6 and 7

w/c 28/03/2022 - X Band - Lessons 13, 14 and 15

w/c 28/03/2022 - Y Band - Lessons 8, 9 and 10


Click the sharepoint link to access powerpoints linked to the portraiture work that we have been completing in class complete tasks in order on the presentation Mechanical Faces.

w/c 03/01/2022 through to w/c 28/03/2022 - Mechanical Faces

w/c 19/04/2022 though to 23/05/2022 - German Expressionism


My Digital World.

This unit is based upon the need to understand how and why the World Wide Web works the way it does, as well as identifying many of the issues that arise from using it. There will be a main booklet to accompany the unit but it can be downloaded as a Word document or PDF and be worked on at home if necessary. Link to the resources on Sharepoint can be found here.

w/c 10/01/2022 - Lesson 1 - Who or what to trust online

w/c 17/01/2022 - Lesson 2 - How to Search Smart

w/c 24/01/2022 - Lesson 3 - CopyRights and CopyWrongs

w/c 31/01/2022 - Mid Module Assessment

w/c 07/02/2022 - Lesson 4 - Staying Safe Online

w/c 21/02/2022 - Lesson 5a - Combatting Cyber Abuse (+ Reflection WWW-EBI)

w/c 28/02/2022 - Lesson 5b - Cyber Abuse Presentation

w/c 07/03/2022 - Lesson 5c - Cyber Abuse Presentation

w/c 14/03/2022 - Revision for End of topic test

w/c 21/03/2022 - End of topic test

w/c 28/03/2022 - End of Topic test for absentees






w/b 03/01/2022 -  Research monuments and famous sites in Paris on the internet. Make a PowerPoint presentation about one of them. Name of monument in French and English, where is it, how old is it, why it is famous, open times, price, why should you visit it etc


Follow the link. This will take you to either SharePoint or Oak Academy. Use the lesson titles to find the last lesson you completed in class, and begin the next lesson in the sequence of lessons.

w/c 03/01/2022 through to w/c 14/03/2022 - Rivers

w/c 14/03/2022 through to w/c 28/03/2022 The geography of Russia


Follow the link for Oak Acdemy to go through the unit of work that is being taught in school currently. Depending on which week you miss, complete that lesson e.g. if you are off on week 2, complete lesson 2 etc.

w/c 03/01/2022 through to w/c 07/02/2022 - Slavery

w/c 21/02/2022 - through to 28/03/2022 - Industrial Revolution


Students will be covering 2 topics this half term. 1 - Pulse and Rhythm and 2 - Keyboard skills. They should access the powerpoints on Sharepoint related to each topic and complete the activities.

w/c 03/01/2022 & w/c 10/01/2022 - Pulse and Rhythm

w/c 17/01/2022 & w/c 24/01/2022 - Keyboard Introduction

w/c 31/01/2022 & 07/02/2022 - Keyboard warm ups



Click on the sharepoint link, then select your year, then the current topic you are on in class and then the relevant lesson.


Students to either choose the PE challenges from the website link here or select either Fitness or Games lessons (OAK Academy). Work through these chronologically as you need.

Fitness Lessons

Games Lessons


Click on the link for Oak Acedemy to follow the topic we are doing in class. Dedicate one lesson per week for example if you are absent week 2 do lesson 2.

w/c 03/02/2021 through to w/c 07/02/2022 - Political System

w/c 21/02/2021 through to w/c 28/03/2022 - Communities


Go to the folder for Spanish, Year 8, Year 8 Spanish Resources for 2021-22 and open up the Programme of Study document or CLICK LINK.

In the document there is work for each week - work your way through. Do the work for the week beginning you are off. Copy and paste the links into your browsers for videos, PowerPoints and Seneca exercises.


Work through the 'Skills and Knowledge Refresher' booklet which can be downloaded via the link here.

Learning these skills will complement the topic you are currently studying. Please resist the urge to dip into anywhere in the booklet, the tasks have been designed to build and reflect on your learning, Please start at page 1 and work through as much as you can.

You may need to use additional resources such as,, Sam learning or MyMaths to help you complete the tasks.

Please submit your work to your class teacher once you return to school.