Sixth Form


The Sixth Form should always have plenty of work to do including independent study. Class teachers will be notified as soon as the student is not in school so work can be set, but while students are waiting they should be continuing with any homework or independent learning.

Tasks for independent learning can be found here:

Independent learning
Year 12 Tasks
Year 13 Tasks

During their isolation, students should contact their teachers with any questions they might have, this can be done through RMUnify and their school email account. If they type in the surname of their teacher the system will find the correct email address.

Students should also regularly check SMHW, and complete any work set as it will complement the work the students are doing at home. Any submission should be done virtually either through SMHW (if enabled) or via email.

Although students should have plenty to do it is also important to think about their futures and their careers so any time they have spare should be used to explore the UniFrog platform (link here).

Work for individual subjects

Subject Tasks/work/resource link
Art Continue with live lessons to support personal portfolio development deadline 22nd March for portfolio hand in to review progress towards final outcome after the Easter break

Year 12
Complete topic 8 and 9 (Exchange with the environment and mass transport) and topics 10 and 11 (DNA and protein synthesis, and genetic diversity). Then revision and practising exam skills

Year 13
Continue with revision, exam techniques and essay skills.

A-Level Business

 assessments and revision of and revisiting of the lock down material.

BTEC Business

Year 12
Complete Unit 2 theory lessons whcih can be found on Sharepoint

Year 13
Course completed


Year 12
Students to complete the rate equations topic using the kinetics booklet and their textbooks. Then start revision for potential assessments in school.

Year 13
Revision of course to continue in preparation for in school assessments and University courses.

English Literature

Year 12 & 13
Please email Miss Hill to let us know you won't be here and keep an eye on emails! Join teams live or watch the recording later and complete SMHW. Use SharePoint and google scholar to complete wider reading on core texts should time allow. Additional supporting material can be found on the Pearson website: - exemplar materials, past papers, supporting reading.

ICT (Cambridge National)

Year 12
Students to continue with Unit 3 Cyber Security, focusing on exam questions practice. There will be a mock exam for Unit 3 Cyber Security, in September.

Year 13
Year 13 students will make Final improvements to enhance for submitted evidence (not new evidence which were not submitted previously.) for Unit 17 Internet of Everything and Unit 4 Controlled Assessment.

French is very good for revising the Year 12 and Year 13 topics. The class teacher will be in contact.

Year 12
Refer to SharePoint and complete the lesson. Submit your work to your teacher.

Year 13
Preparation for Assessments.


Year 12
Work can be found here in SharePoint in the folder labelled Home Learning.

Year 13
Preparation for Assessments. Work can be found here in SharePoint in the folder labelled Home Learning.


The class teacher will be in contact but students should email their teachers if they are unsure of what work to do. Year 13 should be preparing for their assessments

Year 12 links:
Pure Book Year 1
Applied Year 1

Year 13 Links:
Pure Book Year 2
Applied Year 2


Year 12
All powerpoints and recorded lessons can be found on Sharepoint - Join Microsoft Teams live. Start work on NEA booklets.

Year 13 
Record NEA Script and make improvements. Join Microsoft Teams live or watch the recording back later - all recordings are in Sharepoint.

Performing Arts Year 13
Attend lessons via Microsoft Teams and complete Unit 3 evidence.
Philosophy Work can be found on SharePoint here - students are to click on year group then on the current topic, then lessons are saved in individual folders- students need to check emails as the teacher will email what slides need to be covered and when

Year 12
The class teacher will be in contact to focus on experimental write-ups and revision.

Year 13
Preparation for Assessments - see link below for resources.

Further resources and full lessons are available on Microsoft Teams
Year 12 - link here
Year 13 - link here

When live lessons are possible this will be communicated to the students.

Psychology Work can be found on Sharepoint- students are to click on Psychology - AQA Resources and then select the current topic. Students need to check emails as the teacher will email precise details of work to be covered.
Sociology Work can be found on Sharepoint here - students are to click on Sociology and then find the relevant folder for the topic/lesson. Students will be directed by staff regarding particular lessons and tasks.
BTEC Sport Unit 3 or Unit 4 coursework completion. Students are directed by staff on tasks and deadlines