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Posted on: 09/10/2018

Congratulations to our Jack Petchey Award Winners.

Congratulations to our Jack Petchey Award winners who collected their awards at the Awards Ceremony on Monday 8th October.  Below are the winners of the awards and what department they have chosen to spend their funds in.

Elisha Carpenter 9C– Music £250

Elisha Carpenter in Year 9 has had to be very brave since moving from a family unit into care. She has taken all that has been thrown at her with strength and resilience. She has had to make some tough decisions but is approaching her future with confidence now she is settled with a foster parent. Elisha is hard working and an enthusiastic student who gives 100% in every task. She really is a lovely character who is a pleasure to teach. I know that she will go onto achieve great things in her future.

Vince Cook– Tech [Engineering] £250

Vince trains relentlessly for his diving, he is always competing on a national level and doing brilliantly. He is injured at the moment and a bit down about it all. He really cares about his studies and is always keeping on top of it while he is away at dive meets, nationally and abroad. He is hardworking and always polite and helpful. Well done Vince.

Riley Power - Tech [Engineering] £250

Riley Power in Year 9 is working really hard to secure a career in the armed forces. He has been at various training events and is dedicated to become an officer. He trains with cadets outside of school and is a very determined young man. Alongside this, he is very academic and excelling at school - he has made terrific progress in his subjects particularly in English.

Izzy Joyce in  [Room N25] – Art £250

Izzy has donated 69 items to the reverse advent calendar/food bank collection. Last Christmas she asked instead of presents to be able to donate to help people less fortunate. She went round Morrison’s with her mum and had her own shopping trolley collecting items she thought would be helpful for others.

Fleur Pearcy [Room O3] – English £250

Fleur Pearcy (7L) has been fantastic in my 7B2 for English this year. She has been consistently the best in the class - hardest worker, most engaged, most imaginative and most mature. She is also very polite which goes a long way with me. A fabulous start to life at CVHS.

Harri Kokkonan 8R [Room N25] – Library

Harry is a wonderful student. He is so kind and so gentle. He cares about everyone he meets and will literally go out of his way to help you. In class he is enthusiastic and hardworking and is always trying to find ways he can help in class or get involved in lessons. Harri has started helping in the library this year and has been extremely helpful. Going above and beyond what is expected. He is polite to staff and students and is a fantastic student and a credit to his school.

Joseph Adshead  History £250

Joseph has the ability to brighten your day whenever you see him. Not only is he polite and hardworking but he has a brilliant sense of humour. Joseph has had a difficult start to the year with some medical concerns that have affected his attendance. However, this did not stop him from overcoming this challenge and getting back to school as quickly as possible. Joseph is hard working and is a credit to his school.

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