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ParentMail/Letters Sent Home

Please click on the documents below to view items that have recently been sent out via ParentMail.  If you are experiencing problems opening any attachments on ParentMail please contact Mrs Ketley via email

Please note: Weekly Bulletins will be sent by ParentMail every Friday and posted weekly on the front page of our website.  Whole School Letters are posted under the 'Parents' section, click here to view.

Paper Copies

Parents living apart that require duplicate copies of their child’s report can request them from Mrs McCorry, Office Manager.  The school will also supply paper copies free of charge of any information from our website upon request.

Audio Option 

If you would prefer any of the schools written documents or letters to be in an audio format we are now offering this option to all of our parents. Please contact Mrs Willcox at the school to gain an audio version of the required document.

Key Dates for each Year group have been sent via ParentMail click the link to view on our website (to follow)

Name Date Category  
Duke of Edinburgh Expedition 05th Sep 2017Duke Of Edinburgh Download
English Trip - Hamlet 15th March 2018 25th Sep 2017Sixth Form Download
GCSE History Revision - Year 11 06th Oct 2017Year 11 Download
GCSE Reform Information for Parents 11th Aug 2017Whole School Download
Geography trip to Peak District 03rd Oct 2017Trips Download
Geography trip to Slapton Ley 03rd Oct 2017Trips Download
Iceland Trip 11th Aug 2017Trips Download
Maths in Action Trip - Thursday 30th Nov... 06th Oct 2017Trips Download
Orchestras Live 26th Sep 2017Music Download
Royal Academy of Arts Workshop 06th Sep 2017Workshops Download
Russell Group Information Evening 15th Sep 2017Sixth Form Download
Sixth Form Open Evening 11th Oct 2017Year 11 Download
Ski 2018 Letter 11th Aug 2017Ski Trips Download
Ski 2018 Offer Letter 11th Aug 2017Ski Trips Download
Ski Trip 2019 11th Aug 2017Ski Trips Download
Stand Up and be Counted 05th Sep 2017Trips Download
The National Gallery Art Trip 05th Sep 2017Trips Download
Things I Know To Be True 12th Sep 2017Drama Download
Year 7 Meet the Tutor 27th Sep 2017Year 7 Download