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Sixth Form Life

Head of Sixth Form Mr J Beadle
Assistant Head of Sixth Form Mrs G Willcox
Pastoral Manager Mrs C Mills

Please see below for a document containing contact email addresses for Mr Beadle, Mrs Willcox and Mrs Mills.

Sixth Form Tutor Groups

Year 12 Groups

C Miss Lucking
H Miss Hill
E Mrs Trippick
L Mr O'Hara

Year 13 Groups

M Miss Dennis
R Mr Wareham
V Mrs Wood
S Mrs Godfrey


Dsc 3759

At Chelmer Valley High School we are committed to providing a rich and stimulating environment for students who wish to continue their studies into the Sixth Form, enabling our students to maximise their potential and achieve to the highest level of their abilities.

We offer a wide variety of subject options; in September 2016  A level students can study Art & Design, Biology, Business, OCR Cambridge Technical in  ICT, Chemistry, Design Technology (Product Design), Drama and Theatre Studies Economics, English Literature, French, Further Mathematics, Geography,  History, Mathematics, Media Studies, Philosophy, Physical Education, Physics, Psychology and Sociology. We have the following BTEC National qualifications:  Business and Sport.

Sixth Form students study 3 or 4 subjects in both Years 12 and 13. Both year groups will also study for an Extended Project Qualification and a Certificate in Financial Studies from IfS which are both equivalent to an AS qualification. Students may also have the opportunity to study for the Core Maths Qualification. Students have a combination of lessons, directed study time and independent study time on their timetables, as well as time each day with a personal tutor, who will support and advise the student to help maximise their achievement whilst in the Sixth Form. Students are required to sign the School / Sixth Form Learning Agreement if they wish to study at Chelmer Valley High School.

The school has its own dedicated Sixth Form Block. This is made up of a study area, with 30 computers and areas for individual private study and a common room for relaxation during break and lunchtimes. There is an active Senior Student Committee, which represents student opinions to staff and organises social & charity events throughout the year.

Many opportunities exist to participate in the life of the school, examples of which include drama productions, sports teams, the student council and the mentoring of younger students.

There is plenty of career advice available. Every year approximately 70% of our Year 13 students go on to Higher and Further Education to study a wide variety of courses at Universities and Colleges across the country. They are fully supported through the application process during Year 13 and on A level results day. Students who prefer to seek employment at the end of their studies go on to jobs and apprenticeships which are matched to their qualifications and provide career development opportunities.

The School Day

8.35am Morning Registration
9.00am Period 1
10.00am Period 2
11.00am Break time
11.30am Period 3
12.30pm Period 4
1.30pm Lunch time
2.10pm Period 5 
3.10pm End of the school day


In Chelmer Valley Sixth Form all students are expected to attend morning registration at 8.35am each day. It is important that their tutors have the opportunity to pass on important messages and information throughout the year. Tutor time is also used to encourage students to become involved in the general life of the school and allows tutors to check on progress or any concerns / worries the students may have. Year 13 students earn the right to sign out once all their lessons are completed each day allowing students to take responsibility for their own independent learning. Year 12 students have supervised private study during period 1 and period 5. Any student who does not have a timetabled lesson during either of these lessons must attend. The sessions are held in the Library during period 1 and in the Sixth Form Study Room during period 5.


If a student is absent, parents need to call in and report the absence on the school absence line. Good attendance is vital in ensuring Sixth Form success.

Dress Code

Students are allowed to express their individuality with their dress. However, students should be aware that as Senior Students, they are setting an example to the rest of the school and a smart, casual approach to dress is required. Girls t-shirts should not be of the shoe string strap variety or cold shoulder variety.  Tops should not be cut too low or too short so that the midriff is showing (for both boys and girls). Skirts / dresses should be of an appropriate length for a school environment. Beachwear is not allowed, this includes; shorts (including with tights), flip flops and open backed shoes or sandals. It is not acceptable to wear football shirts and jogging bottoms. Hats are only to be worn outside, you will be asked to remove it if worn inside.  Extreme hair styles and colours are unacceptable.  For health and safety reasons, piercings should be no more than one stud per ear. T-shirts with offensive logos are unsuitable. Tattoos must never be visible.

If we feel a student's clothing is in breach of our expectations, they will be spoken to. If students continue to wear unsuitable clothing, they may be asked to go home and change.

Dsc 3909

Dress Code 

In line with changes that are occurring in lower school, we have decided to take a more uniform approach to the way our students in the Sixth Form dress.

As from September 2016, all students will be required to be attired in smart dress i.e. clothing suitable for the work place, some examples of which can be found in the document at the end of the page.

The rationale for this change is to embed a sense of pride in their presentation and general work ethic. It will help them prepare for the world of work and set a good example for lower school students.

Part Time Work

It is understood that students will apply for part time work and it is a good experience for them. Studying for A-levels, however, is a full time commitment and students need to have a good work / life balance with time to relax as well as study. We would recommend therefore that students do not take on more than 8 hours per week.

The Senior Student Team

The Senior Student Team

Dsc 4699

Congratulations to our Senior Students voted by their peers and staff.

Head Boy Martin Eade
Head Girl Sophie Mackintosh
Deputy Head Boy Mark Seymour
Deputy Head Girl Annabelle Coleman
Senior Students

Olivia Burton
Jack Fisher
Charlotte Gowers
Eloise Martin
Jacob Wade

We wish them all the best in their new roles.

The Senior Students attend some of the major school events like Open Evening, Awards Evening and the 11 Progression Evening. They also have the task of arranging the end of year Valedictory Dinner.


Martin Eade (Head Boy) and Sophie Mackintosh (Head Girl)


Mark Seymour (Deputy Head Boy) and Annabelle Coleman (Deputy Head Girl)




The Aspire Group

Dsc 3935


The Aspire Group

During the early months of Year 12 many students are invited to join the Aspire Group within Chelmer Valley Sixth Form. The group aims to support those students with the potential to achieve a place at one of the UK’s prestigious ‘Russell’ universities (including Oxford and Cambridge)

The lead teacher on this group is the Head of Sixth Form, who provides information and guidance throughout Year 12 and 13 through an established programme. This support is in addition (and complimentary) to that offered through the usual tutorial programme offered by the Sixth Form.

Support offered includes:

  • Regular meetings each half term to offer advice/ share information/ dates etc.
  • Supra-curricular opportunities (including advice about (though not the arrangement of) work experience);
  • How to be a ‘Aspire student in Sixth Form lessons;
  • Writing effective personal statements;
  • Interview preparation;
  • Admission tests/ practice.

The programme is delivered via meetings, seminars, email and visits. These vary year to year, but in recent years have seen annual visits to Hertford College, Oxford to get an insight into applying to Oxbridge and admission tests, as well as planned visits for a small number of students to colleges at Cambridge


How are the students chosen to be members of the Aspire Group?

A:  Potential Russell applicants are identified by the Head of Sixth Form, working alongside the Assistant Head of Sixth Form They are identified based on their GCSE results as well as the nominations by teachers and early working grades in Year 12. Subject option choices will also be considered (see ‘Is there anything I should do before joining the Sixth Form?’ below) Some students also self-identify as Aspire applicants and can apply to join by seeing the Group Leader.

If I’m not invited to join, does that mean I can’t or shouldn’t apply to a Russell University?

A: It doesn’t mean this at all. If you wish to join, you may ask to join by contacting the Russell Group Leader who will discuss this further with you. The group aims to support students with a strong likelihood of a successful application, and it may be that for whatever reason (see how they are chosen above) you were not identified. Students are often added to the group at the beginning of Year 13 when PPE results are received, and occasionally during Year 12.

Is there anything I should do before joining the Sixth Form?

A: Prior to joining the Sixth Form, those with strong GCSE predictions should look closely at the Russell Group page in the prospectus about ‘Russell Pathways’. It is important to pick subjects (and combinations) that will demonstrate your academic credentials to these institutions. Picking the appropriate options is one of the first stages in a successful Russell application.

Who are the Russell Universities?

A: The Russell Group is the name of a group of universities who originally came together as the leading research and teaching institutions in Britain. The group includes world renowned institutions like Oxford and Cambridge, as well as other institutions with high entry requirements. The full list of these can be found at

Who should I contact regarding the Russell Group?

A: The Aspire Group Leader is Mr J Beadle (Head of Sixth Form) should be the first port of call, and he is contactable via email on