The House System

Head of House System Mrs R Pledger


Congratulations to Rutherford Overall House Winners for 2017

Well done to Curie - Winners of Sports Day 2017

The House System is used in the school to promote achievement of the students in its widest forms in a totally positive way, from the classroom to the sports field and helping out around the school to drama productions. It is also a way of developing vertical integration in the school to complement the horizontal integration that the year system provides. The house identity is highlighted by the monthly house assemblies where the Heads of House develop the skills of communication and teamwork through the active participation of the students. Also each house has a different tie so that it is clear to all students which house they belong to. Each house has a notice board where they display their students' achievements for all to see.

Students are awarded credits and house points which are totalled up at the end of each month; a reward is given to the house with the highest number of points. In addition, the house with the highest number of points at the end of the year is rewarded with a trip to somewhere fun and exciting!

Heads of House


Curie - Miss L Fletcher

Marie Curie Cancer

Einstein - Mr I Paz


Holst - Miss K Volkenandt

Young Minds

Livingstone - Mr A Harley

Great Ormond Street

 Marconi - Miss M Adkins

The Albert Kennedy Trust

Rutherford - Miss K Dawson

Teenage Cancer Trust

Vickers - Miss C Collier

J’s Hospice