Closure/Home Learning

Some positivity during the closure...

Support for all year groups

Please refer to SMHW for your specific tasks. If you are struggling to login please use this document - "SHMW Login Help"

This page will be updated continuously, so please check back here regularly. We plan to set students 2-3 hours of work a day, as the feedback is that 5 hours a day would be too intensive.

During this time it is important to look after your mental health and a big part of that will be giving your day structure, here is a suggested structure.

Suggested structure

To supplement these academic activities it is important to supplement your day with physical activities and other activities to look after your mental health.

Physical Health Activities

PE directed document with links and details of how to keep fit!

The Body Coach - Live workout (9am)


Mental Health Activities

Wellbeing student activity

Top tips for positivity and dealing with anxiety

Supporting your mental health while working from home

Home health and wellbeing links and tips

ChatHealth Messaging Service - Contact School Nurse (Parents)

ChatHealth Messaging Service - Contact School Nurse (Students)

Home working and well-being resources and links


Key Stage 3 students (Y7-9) should use the Home Learning Take Away Menus as a starting point, these can be found here:

For Key Stage 3 the students will be set the following work on these days:

























Year 10 will be set 2-3 hours work per subject, a week, where they can then plan and manage their own time.

Year 12 will be spending at least 4 hours working on each subject, per week, where they can then plan and manage their own time.

Year 11 and 13 students should focus on (in this order):

  1. Revising subject they intend on taking next year so they are not at a disadvantage.
  2. Further work to prepare for A-Levels and college will be sent home in the coming weeks. CGP have released Kindle versions of their Head Start to A-Level guides (just make sure you select the kindle version)
  3. Look at the subject transition work further transition tasks will be set shortly.

A document was sent home Tuesday 17th March and contains a link to activities/websites for all subjects to help enhance their home learning - "Letter sent home"

We do appreciate that some students will want to do further work than is on offer above, if that is the case please refer to the Take-Away menus previously (for KS3) or see this website for links to other English, Maths, Science and cultural resources and the BBC have great resources for parents and students of all year groups (including Primary too)

Here is a guide for students to create their own project, we apprecite that students may have seen something on TV or through their home learning that has peaked their interest; encouraging your children to explore this further is the perfect independent task, this guide helps to structure their research "Universal Project Guide".

Audible also has a number of audio books that are now available for free to studetns during a school closure: It is also important to point out that a lot of the classics can be downloaded for free, to read, through the Kindle app. Kindle are now offering free Head Start to A-Level... guides (see above).

If you find that the workload is too high then please let us know so we can review our provision.

ICT Support

If you have any technical issues with the online resources then please refer to these email boxes

GCSEPOD issues:
SAM Learning issues:
Active Learn issues:
SMHW issues:
Maths Watch issues:


The videos below share similar themes for all year groups, so either will be applicable.

Year 9 Assembly

Year 7 Assembly

Students in school - structure of the day

Please see the document sent home - "School Closure - The School Day"

Microsoft Teams use for Year 12

This video will give a short instructional clip about how to get started on Microsoft Teams and joining a "lesson".