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At Chelmer we strongly believe in giving students the opportunity to continually improve, this infiltrates our curriculum, our pastoral area and every aspect of day-to-day school life. We want to empower our students to effectively contribute to society while they are a student and when they leave Chelmer Valley High School. We achieve this aim through a range of strategies, some embedded and others are new ventures, but always with the drive of making our students life-long learners, that empowered to become future citizens contributing to the local, national and global community.

Alongside a coherent and balanced curriculum, which places value on all subjects at its heart, we seek to inspire and encourage a love of learning, resilience and understanding.

At Key Stage 3 (KS3) we focus on transferrable skills, independent learning and higher-order thinking skills. In Year 9 we offer our student’s clear, differentiated progression routes into Key Stage 4 (KS4).

Through excellent advice and guidance at Post 16, we support all our students in making the right choices as they move from KS4 to KS5 whether at CVHS, College or into Apprenticeships.  Ever mindful of the changes in education and the workplace, we strive to ensure that our curriculum and its delivery remains relevant and tailored to the individual student.  In so doing we have developed a pathways approach to subjects available for study at Key Stage 5 (KS5).

Our aim is to enable all of our students to leave the school as well as rounded, responsible citizens, ready to play an active and productive role in society.

The menu choices to the left will take you to more detailed information regarding the current curriculum offered at Chelmer Valley.  Please also study the subject information provided under the 'Programmes of Study'.

We teach students in ability groups in as many subjects as possible from Years 7 to 11. As a growth mindset school, we aim to offer a range of opportunities to extend children of all ability levels.  At least 25 hours a week are spent on teaching, which is in line with the Department for Education’s recommendations. There are many opportunities to engage in extracurricular activities in order to enhance learning where our programme encourages students to pursue an active lifestyle, to kind and compassionate to those less fortunate, to be a positive change in the world and to be prepared for the next stages of their life.


In Years 7, 8 and 9 the list of subjects currently studied includes:

Curriculum subjects:

Mathematics, English, Science, Computer Studies, a Modern Foreign Language, Art, Music, Technology, Physical Education, Geography and History, Religious Studies, Drama, Citizenship/Personal Social and Health Education (PSHE).

Through Citizenship and PSHE, students are given guidance on careers, finance, relationships, healthy eating, first aid, politics and current affairs.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) is used across the curriculum, and students have access to computers in many areas of the school.  Emphasis is placed upon the acquisition and assessment of ICT capability within discrete Computer Studies lessons.  

In Year 8 many students also take up a second Modern Foreign Language. 

Assessment of students’ progress is on-going throughout Key Stage 3. In some areas of the curriculum, some students will complete a shortened Key Stage 3 and begin their Key Stage 4 studies before the end of Year 9.

Tutors support students' learning in Key Stage 3 through a structured tutor programme and by reviewing their achievements and helping them with their target setting.  Students are given comprehensive guidance in order to ensure that they follow a broad and balanced curriculum during Key Stage 4.  This guidance starts in the Spring Term of Year 9 and involves parents at every stage before the final decisions about curriculum choices are made.


Our Key Stage 4 curriculum currently offers a range of GCSE and Vocational courses, which lead naturally into the courses offered post-16.  Most students are entered for public examinations unless there are exceptional circumstances.  A small number of students may follow an alternative education programme, more appropriate to their needs, which does not necessarily lead to GCSE. All students have access to a Pathway leading to the English Baccalaureate.

In Years 10 and 11 the following subjects must be studied:

Mathematics, English Language, English Literature, Science (minimum equivalent of 2 GCSE’s) and Core Physical Education. In addition, currently, they must select one from a Modern Foreign Language, Geography or History.

Other subjects can be studied from each of these areas:

Triple Science

Humanities (History, Geography, Philosophy & Ethics)

Modern Foreign Languages (French, German)

Creative (Art, Music, Drama,)

Physical Education

Technology (Product Design, Graphics, Engineering, Food Technology)

Vocational courses can be studied and currently we offer: Child Development, Leisure & Tourism, Certificate of Personal Effectiveness (CoPE), Applied Business Studies and Computer Studies (ICT, Computer Science)

To enrich the curriculum, at an appropriate time students have access to Careers, Citizenship, Health Education, Finance, and Enterprise/Work-related learning activities.  Additional opportunities are provided across the curriculum for students to apply and improve their computer skills. There is also a full enrichment programme throughout Key Stage 3, 4 and 5.

Individual review sessions and target setting take place throughout Key Stage 4.  Progress is monitored through the completion of subject reviews and the preparation of estimated grades at regular intervals.


We provide all post-16 students with comprehensive support in order to access Higher or Further Education, a Vocational Career, or Apprenticeships.  Currently, students are offered combinations of the following courses in our Sixth Form. 

GCE A Level Courses:

English Literature, Mathematics, Further Mathematics, Biology, Business, Chemistry, Physics, Art and Design, Design & Technology – Product Design, Drama and Theatre Studies, Economics, Extended Project Qualification, Financial Studies, French, Geography, German, History, Media Studies, Music, Music Technology, Philosophy, Psychology, Sociology, Sport and Physical Education.

OCR Technical:

Information Communication Technology

BTEC Level 3:

Performing Arts, Business and Physical Education.


All students are encouraged to enter for the Extended Project Qualification and there is a suite of Enrichment activities available to all students.

Students have regular time allocated with their tutor for assessing and reviewing progress and target setting.  Subject teachers regularly prepare estimated grades for every student and these enable students, parents and tutors to monitor and measure progress.



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Congratulations to ZN 10C for winning Art Work of the Week with her lovely still life painting, we loved the composition and vibrant use of colour!👏👏
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Exam invigilators needed. £11.59 per hour plus holiday pay.Apply below.
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Congratulations to SB 10R for winning Art Work of the Week with his beautiful still life oil painting, we loved the soft light and texture!👏👏
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Did you know that one in five children have tried vaping?We're taking action to protect young people from the potential harms of using vapes while their lungs and brains are still developing.If you're a parent, carer or teacher, share your views in our consultation 👇
@ChelmerValleyHS - 19/11/2023
We enjoyed celebrating with parish councillors yesterday at the unveiling of the new sign, designed by AB 9V. The ribbon was cut with deputy mayoress Well done AB, the sign looks fantastic, a really fitting tribute to the parish
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What a great morning with the Careers Fair for years 8-13. Great support from colleges,training providers, universities & employers and the students were very engaged with the whole event
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@ChelmerValleyHS - 16/11/2023
We are at the Career Fair today talking to students and hoping some might be the teachers of tomorrow! Well done to all who organised the event - there is a real buzz amongst the students and a fantastic selection of careers represented.
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Congratulations to DP 8L for winning Art Work of the Week with her sensitive and controlled self portrait!👏👏
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Our Work of the Week winners calendar is available to buy, treat yourself to some fantastic art over the next year!
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Congratulations MC 9R for winning Art work of the Week with her Day of the Dead research- we loved the attention to detail and bold contrast!👏👏
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Any young person could send an inappropriate pic. Even your child. If it happens, try to understand whether there is peer pressure or grooming involved and talk about how to enjoy the internet safely 🙏 #onlinesafety
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Thank you to for hosting our Yr 8 football team tonight in their MESSSA league match. An evenly matched contest throughout, with both teams learning lots as they move onto their next matches.
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Congratulations to MR 10H for winning Art Work of the Week with her lovely still life study, we loved the controlled use of line and delicate tone!👏👏
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Did you know the number of children exploited online doubles between the ages of 11 and 12 years old? This means those at the end of primary school, about to enter secondary school are particularly at risk. advice 👉
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The 2 Johns talk about how young children view the world through the lens of the internet and how to develop a healthy curiosity in children about what they see and do online. It’s never too early to begin discussions about healthy internet use.
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.'s guide has some for to help children deal with worrying news content they may have seen online:
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Congratulations to Miss Daniel, Science trainee at , who is our Trainee of the Week this week! Well done! For further details see today’s Notices.
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Come along to our Sixth Form Open Evening on Tuesday 7th November from 5.30pm - 7.30pm.See how we can look after you through your Post 16 journey.
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Well done to our Year 10 and 11 netball teams who played in their netball rallies tonight at Great Baddow. Great effort and play by all the girls- well done 👏🏐
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Congratulations to IT 9L for winning Art Work of the Week with her amazing Pointillist pen observational study, we loved the attention to tonal detail and proportions!👏👏
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Exciting News! The Chelmsford Science Festival is returning this October, hosted by ARU! Bringing you a week of science, fun and learning.We'll be there as usual at the Family Days with loads of Hands-On FUN.
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