Prevent Duty

PREVENT Duty Statement - Chelmer Valley High School 

PREVENT is part of the UK’s counter terrorism strategy, preventing people from becoming involved in or supporting terrorism.

As a national strategy, Prevent seeks to address all forms of radicalisation and extremism, whether based on religious views, political ideology or a highly specific cause. In order to recognise the signs and raise a concern, we do not need to know the actual ideas or ideology, more what vulnerabilities might be exploited.

Many of us face difficult experiences and emotions in our life, but thankfully most people find a suitable mechanism of support to help us through (eg. family, faith, school or health professionals). 

It is when this appropriate support is not available or an individual turns to the wrong place for support that a third party with a different agenda may fill that breach.

The school has a duty to ensure that ANY vulnerable individual has access to some appropriate support. All staff at Chelmer Valley High School are trained annually (Workshop to Raise the Awareness of Prevent – WRAP) to notice the potential signifiers of radicalisation and raise their concerns with the appropriate authorities. 

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