School Transport Manager

Mrs M McCorry

Changes to transport this term

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Transport applications online

For all enquiries and paper application forms speak to the Education Transport and Awards Team, at Essex County Council:

Tel: 03456 032200

Chelmer Valley High School Contracted Transport provider is

Mr. R. Lodge

Tel: 01245 231262

Lodge Coaches Annual Renewal Form

School Transport Manager

Mrs M. McCorry

Tel: 01245 440232

Applying for school transport

Since September 2015 entitlement to school transport has been assessed on the basis of historical catchment areas or designated schools.

To receive free transport a student must attend their nearest available school and live the qualifying distance of 3 miles away from the school.

If you choose to - 

a) Not apply to your nearest school

b) Give your nearest school a lower preference when applying

c) Reject a place at your nearest school when offered

d) Then reject a place at the next nearest school offered which has a space

transport will not be provided.

Please consult the Essex County Council Home to School transport policy which can be found on their website.

Statutory entitlement is extended to those from low income groups - please contact Essex County Council for more information.

You can apply for school transport online or telephone them to request a paper application form.

A separate application form is required for each child.

All routes to school are determined by ECC.

If you find you do not qualify for free school transport you may be able to buy a seat from our transport provider by contacting them directly.

If you pay for transport please remember to contact the transport provider in July at the end of each school year to confirm that your child still requires a seat for the next academic year in September.                                             

Sixth Form students must apply for school transport on a Post-16 application form obtained from Essex County Council.

Bus drivers reserve the right to refuse travel to any students who do not show their bus pass.

Lost Bus passes

Telephone Lodge Coaches directly to report a lost bus pass. A replacement pass will be sent to you by post – a fee will be charged for this service.

Students should also report a lost Lodge bus pass to Mrs Hill in school – a temporary pass will be issued until your replacement arrives in the post.

Lost bus passes for public service buses should be reported to ECC. A temporary pass is not issued by the school as they are not accepted by the drivers on service bus routes.


Students who misbehave on either the contracted school bus or the public service bus may have their pass withdrawn temporarily or permanently. Repeated warnings from the driver for minor offences such as eating, drinking and not showing a bus pass will also result in a pass being withdrawn.

Once a pass has been withdrawn, the parents or guardians of the student concerned are responsible for ensuring that the student attends school regardless of their transport circumstances.