Personal Development

Assistant Headteacher (PD)- Miss G Woolley

PD Lead- Mrs G Willcox

PD Curriculum Lead-  Mrs K Cook

SMSC Lead- Mrs N McGovern

Finance Lead- Mr T Curd

Careers Lead- Mrs A Shea

Our school’s curriculum, both explicit and hidden, takes into account student backgrounds and context.  It is broad and balanced and responds to the needs of all our students.  The chosen skills and knowledge for the number of subjects under this remit are derived from either the national curriculum, the DfE guidance or OFSTED guidance. Personal development aims to create well rounded and empowered citizens who are equipped with the necessary personal skills to be future citizens and life-long learners. All students have a timetabled PD lesson each fortnight with year 7 and 8 students having a second hour as well. Additionally our tutor programmes (e.g. 5 ways to wellbeing, Chelmer rejects racism), our enrichment and extra-curricular activities and our student voice opportunities support the logistics of provision.

For a full outline of our provision please see the document below.

For a detailed overview of the curriculum please see the Curriculum Intent and Map documents.


SMSC- Chelmer Valley High School delivers a high quality, broad and balanced curriculum which promotes SMSC (the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspect of the curriculum). The physical and mental development of all our students prepares them for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, as well as giving them the opportunity to succeed to their full potential. For full information see the PD curriculum maps and outline of provision.





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