Students working at home

If a student is isolating please contact the school’s Attendance Team by telephoning the school on 01245 440232. 

Those students who are unable to attend school due to COVID 19 will be provided with work to complete at home, if well enough to do so.  Students should wherever possible work to their normal weekly timetable. 

Work can be accessed by the links for each year group below. Satchel One and the students email account should also be checked daily for any specific instructions or work set.  

If there are any subject specific questions, please direct these to the class teacher.  

If you have any technical issues with the online resources then please refer to these email boxes:

SAM Learning issues:
Active Learn issues:
SMHW issues:
Maths Watch issues:

A range of Independent Learning tasks can also be accessed on the Remote Learning page for students seeking to further extend their learning.

Show My Homework

Please refer to SMHW for any homework or tasks that are set. If you are struggling to login please use this document.

SHMW Login Help

Physical and Mental Well-being Activities


To supplement the lesson work it is important to supplement the student's day with physical activities and other activities to look after their mental/physical health. Please encourage them to use these resources.

Physical Health Activities

PE directed document with links and details of how to keep fit!


Mental Health Activities

Calendar action for happiness

30 day Lego challenge

Wellbeing student activity

Top tips for positivity and dealing with anxiety

Supporting your mental health while working from home

Home health and wellbeing links and tips

ChatHealth Messaging Service - Contact School Nurse (Parents)

ChatHealth Messaging Service - Contact School Nurse (Students)

Home working and well-being resources and links


Staying Safe Online
Internet Matters Guide - Managing children screen time
Online Safety and Remote Learning

Independent Learning/Projects

As a school we are taking a blended approach to students learning, supporting those in school and those isolating at home. Supporting students at home can be particularly challenging and should they finish any work early they can start on some independent work to improve their understanding of a subject.

Here is a guide for students to create their own project, we appreciate that students may have seen something on TV or through their home learning that has piqued their interest; encouraging your children to explore this further is the perfect independent task, this guide helps to structure their research "Universal Project Guide".

Extra resources to support Learning
KS3 - CVHS Takeaway Menus
Resources for English, Maths, Science
Resources/websites for all subjects at all abilities
Link to free audio books through Audible