Covid-19 Guidance

Covid-19 Guidance Date  
Return to School Schedule March 2021 26th Feb 2021 Download
Lateral Flow Testing Consent Form 26th Feb 2021 Download
Lateral Flow Device Guidance March 2021 26th Feb 2021 Download
Joining Instructions for the Covid Symptom Study 30th Nov 2020 Download
Letter from Dfe Public Health England 23rd Sep 2020 Download
Return to School September 2021 24th Aug 2020 Download
Reopening Guidelines for Parents and Students 24th Aug 2020 Download
Phased Reopening Guidelines for Parents and Students 19th Jun 2020 Download
Covid-19 Update - letter to parents from Clare Kershaw 20th Apr 2020 Download
Accessing Show My Homework 30th Mar 2020 Download
Parents School Nursing ChatHealth Messaging Service 26th Mar 2020 Download
Wake Up Wednesday HouseParty 25th Mar 2020 Download
Key Worker Guidance 200320 20th Mar 2020 Download
Home Learning for Absent students 20th Mar 2020 Download
Coronavirus Partial Closure Procedures 20th Mar 2020 Download
Risk Assessent Covid19 March 2021 05th Mar 2021 Download
Talking to young people about race and racism 03rd Jul 2020 Download
Chelmer Valley Structure of the Day September 2020 17th Jul 2020 Download
Recovery Planning 17th Jul 2020 Download
Face Coverings Update 27th Aug 2020 Download
Lodges Buses Information 27th Aug 2020 Download
Show My Homework FAQs 30th Mar 2020 Download
COVID Isolation Update Jan 2022 10th Jan 2022 Download
Privacy Notice - Covid Testing 18th May 2021 Download
PCR testing 180521 18th May 2021 Download
COVID RA 11th Jan 2022 Download
Online Safety Resources 03rd Apr 2020 Download
Update for parents with tips and advice for E safety 07th May 2020 Download
Internet Matters Guide Managing children screen time 07th May 2020 Download
Active Learn letter save login details 07th May 2020 Download
Alarm Bells 27th Nov 2020 Download
Covid Symptom Study for School Communities 30th Nov 2020 Download
Parent Support Sheet 31st Dec 2020 Download
Home Learning Parent and Student Guide 01st Jun 2020 Download
Whole School Risk Assessment Autumn 2021 03rd Sep 2021 Download
CVHS Outbreak Management Plan Autumn 2021 03rd Sep 2021 Download