Parents Consultation Evening

Parents Evening Update

As a result of the government restrictions that have been put in place due to Covid-19, our normal method of organising parents consultation evenings is not possible. Therefore we are going to run, at least for this academic year, all consultation evenings on a virtual platform for 2020-2021.

We will be using a platform called School Cloud and additionally this will also mean that all bookings for appointments on the stated evenings will be made using the system.

Due to this being a substantial change from our previous organisation, there will be substantial guidance and information to prepare you for the evening and how the appointment system will work. Please see below for a support guide for common issues and various video walkthroughs of these issues being resolved.

The CVHS parents evening platform can be accessed through the following link, where after adding some personal information – the booking and selecting of appointments are possible.

School Cloud - CVHS Parents Evening Platform


Initial log in as a Parent/Carer

Booking/Changing Appointments

Preparing for the evening – microphone/camera access & troubleshooting/ common set up issues

Use of smartphone for the system