Our School Badge

Peerage Richard Everard Google BooksThe School Badge is composed of three étoiles (stars), an heraldic component of the arms of the Everard family of Langleys, Great Waltham. The Everards, from the 16th Century to the early 18th Century were powerful landowners in the Chelmer Valley. The three étoiles are in evidence on the Everard memorials in Great Waltham Church and can be seen on the monument of Sir Anthony Everard, 1611, on the north wall. A marble on the south wall shows a shipwreck on the Goodwins, 1703, and tells the adventures of young Hugh Everard who left Felsted School at 13, helped to escort King William to Holland and later fought against Spain and was finally drowned on the Goodwin Sands.

The swan is an heraldic indication of proximity to water, thus the River Chelmer. An incised swan appears on a table tomb to the east of St Mary's Broomfield.

SwanThe badge was designed by Mr Frank Cooper, the first Headteacher of Chelmer Valley High School which was founded as a new school in 1975, on the site of the old Broomfield Secondary School.

A coroneted swan is a sign of distinction.