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Posted on: 05/04/2019

Students meet Auschwitz survivor Leslie Kleinman

Chelmer Valley has once again held an incredibly moving and well-received Holocaust Memorial day. On Friday 5th May, we were honoured to hear once again the inspiring story of Auschwitz survivor Leslie Kleinman and students were subsequently given the chance to reflect on all victims of the Holocaust through the exploration of memorials from around the world. Holocaust Memorial day is an opportunity for students to remember, honour and show respect to all human beings that suffered through the terrible years of the Holocaust in Europe. It is with these reflections that students will be encouraged to design their own memorials for the humanities competitions.

Miss Collier, History Teacher, said: “I think all students were incredibly humbled to meet Leslie Kleinman. Despite his terrible ordeal, his positive outlook on life really moved and inspired us all. I think all students walked away better and more understanding people. It is, after all, so important to learn about the Holocaust and keep the memory alive.  I would like to say a huge thank you to Leslie for sharing his incredible story with us. I think I speak for all year 9’s when I say that it was both moving and inspiring. Also a big well done to all year 9 students who showed true respect to Leslie and creativity when designing their own Holocaust Memorials. Hopefully it’s a day that will stay in the minds of our students and encourage feelings of tolerance and acceptance in the future.”

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