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Posted on: 15/11/2017

Congratulations to our Jack Petchey Award Winners

Congratulations to our Jack Petchey Award winners, Annabelle Coleman (Y13), Nicole Ayling, Tara Dalby, Maud Sterne and Huseyin Arslan, and pictured, Cameron Burns (Yr 11), Mrs V Farage, Jessica  Hooper (Yr 11) and Tanyel Mustafa (Yr 10), who collected their awards on Monday 16th October at the Civic Theatre.

Annabelle Coleman Year 13

Annabelle achieved an A* in her GCSE Geography exam, with one of the highest marks overall on both human and physical geography papers.
Annabelle deserves this award because of her amazing commitment and dedication. Annabelle overcame issues that she had in year 10 and year 11 with Geography and gave up a significant amount of her own time to have additional revision sessions with her geography teachers.

What made this particularly hard was Annabelle had to admit that she was really struggling with some of the more basic aspects of the course and be brave enough to come and find help, this is a very daunting thing to do only a few weeks before your exams with all of the additional stress from all of the other subjects as well. I really believe that Annabelle should be recognised for her hard work, effort and determination as well as her ability to really be honest with herself during one of the most stressful times of her school life. She should be really proud of her achievement and the battle to get there should be acknowledged.

Nicole Ayling

Nicole showed amazing resolve during the Peak District Field trip after being taken unwell. She didn't want to cause any fuss and took it all in her stride. The following day she was participating fully and didn't let the experiences of the previous day stop her from enjoying her time. Furthermore, to support her progress Nicole has been regularly attending geography sessions on a Friday after school on a voluntary basis and has been making really excellent progress in a subject she found challenging at the start of year 10. Nicole should win this award as she has been an example of the spirit and commitment we expect at Chelmer Valley.

Tara Dalby

Tara has helped every week at trampoline club on a Friday night for the last two years.

She is an excellent coach and is very patient with all of the students who attend the club. She will always make time for each student and has helped many develop their skills. She has even helped students improve their GCSE scores through her coaching and patience!

Tara is always happy to help in PE and has given her time up freely for many other sporting events. On top of this she continues to be an extremely hard working student who manages her time well and always completes her work to a high standard and on time.

Jessica Hooper YEar 11

Jessica Hooper is an incredibly hard working student who is always willing to help and goes the extra mile not only in French but also in taking part in our Poetry by heart which involved her staying after school every Friday evening and then performing in French to an audience made of peers from other schools.  In addition to this she is very involved in performing arts and always has time to do extra homework.  She shows great dedication and resilience and truly deserves recognition for giving 100% consistently every day. A worthy candidate for the Jack Petchey award well done Jessica!

Maude Sterne

Maude has helped with ALL of the school events and gone over and above what we would ask her to do - Maud did brilliant speeches at Open Evening and at the Awards evening. She has helped younger students and parents around the school throughout our open events and has set a perfect example of what a model student should be. She is always conscientious and offers help whenever she can. The sixth form is made a happier place through having Maud in it.

Huseyin Arslan

Huey has helped with ALL of the school events and gone over and above what we would ask him to do. Huey helped parents at Year 6 open evening - he was a fantastic doorman and helped all the future students’ parents, as well as serving drinks at our annual awards ceremony - Huey is willing to muck in and help out at anything. He has also organised a sleep out for the sixth form to support homeless charities and came up with this himself. He is a very motivated young man and even spoke about how he had to resist a Year to parents and Year 12 students to motivate them to do well. He is an inspiration.

Cameron Burns Year 11

Cameron Burns has been awarded the Jack Petchey due to his excellent attitude in all subjects especially English. He goes above and beyond to complete all classwork and homework, which highlights how diligent and hardworking he is. He is clearly passionate and dedicated to reach his academic potential and to succeed in every subject. 

Tanyal Mustafa Year 10

Tanyal is such a mature young lady and an excellent role model. She always tries her best and often takes responsibility for persuading and leading others to make good choices and improves their learning behaviours in a calm and friendly way that they respond to really well.



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