Important Information

Webinar – Managing wellbeing for you and your children

There is a free webinar that will take place on 1st April 7.30-8.30pm for parents and staff; Managing you and your child’s wellbeing– being realistic and human (not super-human!).

This session will:

  • Help you better understand what anxiety is
  • Provide practical tools to help you and your children manage and minimise anxiety in these uncertain times and improve happiness and wellbeing

Professor Amanda Kirby will focus on remembering to be realistic, not superhuman! Although this is being led by the British Dyslexia Association it is actually for all parents of children of all ages. To take part you will need to sign up, which you can do on the following link:

Coronavirus Guidance


The government have now released information for parents about what school closure means and revealed the list of key workers entitled to support during this time.  It is a broad list and can be found here:


DfE Covid-19 guidance for educational settings


Stay at home self-isolation guidance


NHS hand washing guidance