Learning Agreement

Before starting at Chelmer Valley High School Sixth Form, you and your parent / guardian will be expected to sign the following agreement.

Under this agreement Chelmer Valley High School will endeavour to provide:

  1. A full course of A Level / Level 3 subjects in Year 12 and Year 13, with teaching by specialist teachers who are experts in their own fields and who are able to use appropriate facilities and resources.
  2. Academic support and study facilities, including the use of ICT resources that are unavailable to the rest of the school.
  3. A personal tutor, who will monitor your progress, provide both academic and pastoral support where necessary and help you to set targets to achieve your goals.
  4. Support for any special needs you might have.
  5. Advice about Higher and Further Education, including full support in the application process, from investigating courses and institutions to filling in the application form and preparing for interviews.
  6. Careers advice from trained personnel.
  7. Opportunities to participate in the life of both the Sixth Form and the whole school.
  8. Opportunities for your voice to be heard in decisions which affect the Sixth Form and the whole school.
  9. Two opportunities each year for your parents / guardians to come into the school to formally discuss your progress.
  10. A half-termly review of your progress, attitude and attainment for your parents / guardians.


In return, it is expected that you as a student will:


  1. Achieve 100% attendance in all lessons, unless there is a valid reason not to do so (eg medical). Please call (01245) 440232 and leave a message on the absence line each day you are absent.
  2. Be in school promptly every day.
  3. Make full use of the Sixth Form study facilities, including the library during your study lessons. To be successful as a Sixth Form student you need to study for at least 35 hours a week (including lesson time).
  4. Meet all deadlines for your work.
  5. Maintain a high standard of dress and behaviour about the school, remembering that you are an example to the rest of the school in both your appearance and attitude.
  6. Respect the facilities in the Sixth Form block.
  7. Attend the twice yearly Consultation evenings.
  8. Attend all private study periods as designated on your timetable.