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Posted on: 13/09/2019

World Challenge Namibia 2019

July 2019 saw the departure of not one, but two World Challenge teams from Chelmer Valley High School on a 3-week expedition to Namibia, Africa. The students, aged 16 and 17, were embarking on a school trip of a lifetime, following more than a year of fundraising, itinerary planning and preparation.  

World Challenge expeditions aim to empower and develop students outside of the classroom; building confidence and leadership skills, as well as giving the opportunity for students to immerse themselves in global citizenship. The students were responsible for choosing activities from a curated list in order to create different phases of their expedition. They also took it in turns to lead the trip and manage the budget for food and accommodation for the whole team.

Namibia provided the teams with a broad variety of experiences. These included living in and supporting a local community where they built a shelter at a primary school, helped with essential maintenance of buildings and spent time interacting with the school’s pupils, providing them with essential equipment to allow them to continue learning in a positive and successful way. They also completed a physically demanding 5-day trek through Africa’s largest canyon, carrying an average of 15 kilograms each and camping under the stars. Animals also featured highly on the teams chosen itinerary; seeing wild animals in their natural habitat on safari including elephant, giraffe, rhino and lion, as well as visiting a conservation project for cheetahs, which are a critically endangered species. The students also had some time for a little rest and relaxation in the form of dune boarding along with seeing (and climbing) the fascinating red dunes of the Namib desert to watch the sunrise.

Both teams were a credit to the school and themselves, demonstrating the school’s ethos and vision at every stage of their expedition, and we are immensely proud of their achievements.

I really enjoyed my time in Namibia, especially the trek as there was a real sense of achievement within the group when we managed to complete the final day. Over the time that we were on World Challenge I loved experiencing a different culture, seeing amazing sights, volunteering, and making strong friendships with those around me. Overall I believe the experience was amazing and worthwhile.    Kirsten Anslow

We thoroughly enjoyed this experience and found it particularly rewarding. It was an eye-opener to see how different communities live and to take part in their traditions, such as eating the traditional meal of a Braii. We have also gained memories that we will treasure. We would recommend this for anyone who likes a challenge.   Rhian Williams and Megan Lawie

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