Head of Sociology Mrs N McGovern
Teacher of Sociology Miss S Pradhan and Miss G Woolley

Sociology is an increasingly popular A-level choice at Chelmer Valley.  Considered a social science, Sociology offers opportunities to study the way people and society interact through a number of modules, including:

  • Family and Households
  • Education
  • Sociological methods
  • Mass Media
  • Crime and Deviance

The course also promotes independent learning skills, critical thinking skills, effective group work and practical research skills.  As such, sociology fits in well with just about any combination of A-level subjects as well as preparing students for a wide range of Higher Education and career opportunities.

The department has good resources, including textbooks, interactive lessons using a variety of teaching & learning styles and has a good record of achievement in the examinations.

The skills that you will be assessed on

  • AO1 Description (knowledge and understanding)
  • AO2 Evaluation (analysis and evaluation of concepts and ideas)


You will be expected to do at least one hour's homework and/or preparation after each lesson.  Some of this work will involve reading and summarising key points from the textbook or other sources, answering examination questions, completing tables or analysis, or preparing for class activities such as discussions, group work or role play.

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