Head of Economics Mr J Beadle
Economics Teachers Mr A Hemmings


Dsc 3734

Economics is offered at Key Stage Five at Chelmer Valley High School. 

Why study Economics?

If you study Economics you will learn about a wide array of issues stretching from globalisation, government intervention, how exchange rates and their impact on the world economy global and changing world context they operate in. You will learn how resources are seen as scarce and wants infinite and that economics helps those who have to make the big decisions in government etc.

Economics helps to answer questions such as the following:

What effects will the rise of China’s economy have upon the UK?

What is the impact of Brexit?

What causes the price of commodities such as coffee and oil to rise and fall?

Do you need to have studied it at GCSE?

No and Business Studies is not required either even though the subjects are similar! An enquiring mind and a desire to understand how things work within the economy and more widely are key. Mathematical ability and being numerate are very important due to the conceptual nature of the course and furthermore, a good standard of English is required due to the heavy examination element of the course. Asking questions, being interested in the wider world and wanting to understand the world around you are key to being successful.

Which syllabus do we follow?

We follow the current Edexcel specification linear programme Economics A.

How many modules are there?

There are four themes:
Year 1
Theme 1 - Introduction to markets and market failure
Theme 2 - The Uk economy - performance and polices

Year 2
Theme 3 - Business behaviour and labour market
Theme 4 - A global perspective

Students will sit three examination papers at the end of year 13

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